Industry Standards

  • We support industry growth and productivity through our modern innovative approach to establishing skills standards.
  • We provide high-quality, professional secretariat services to help our allocated Industry Reference Committees develop the skills that industry needs.
  • We partner with industry to shape the workforce of the future.

Skills Service Organisations

The role of Skills Service Organisations (SSOs) is to provide professional enabling activities to Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) that ensure Training Packages reflect the skills needs of industry.

SSOs provide technical, operational and secretariat services to enable IRCs to undertake their industry engagement and Training Package development and review activities.


New arrangements for training product development commenced in January 2016. These arrangements consider the needs of employers of all sizes, across all industry sectors, and ensure the delivery of high quality Training Packages that are nationally endorsed and internationally regarded.


  • Provide a forum for industry engagement.
  • Direct the review, development and implementation of Training Package content relevant to the industry sectors they cover.
  • Act as a conduit for industry feedback to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) and governments on industry trends.

More about IRCs


Aviation Industry Reference Committee

The Aviation Industry Reference Committee has been assigned responsibility for the Aviation Training Package.


Training Packages

The Australian Vocational Education and Training (VET) system aims to provide individuals with work-ready skills for the labour market – skills that businesses and industries need in order to be highly productive and internationally competitive.

Supporting the national VET system, Training Packages specify the skills and knowledge required to perform effectively in the workplace through units of competency. Training Packages also describe how these units can be packaged into nationally recognised qualifications aligned to the Australian Qualifications Framework and industry recognised Skill Sets.

Aviation Training Package

The AVI Aviation Training Package provides VET qualifications for Aerodrome Operations, Airport Safety, Air Traffic Control, Cabin Services, Cargo Services, Flight Instruction, Flight Operations (pilots), Screening, Search and Rescue, and Management and Supervision.

Correctional Services Training Package

The CSC Correctional Services Training Package provides VET qualifications for Justice Services, Correctional Practices, and Administration and Management.

Defence Training Package

The DEF Defence Training Package provides VET qualifications in support of Australian Defence Force (ADF) occupations involved in the manufacture, storage, distribution, maintenance and use of explosives, electronic forensics, range control and management, and pastoral care chaplaincy.

Electricity Supply Industry – Generation Sector Training Package

The UEP ESI – Generation Sector Training Package provides VET qualifications for the electricity generation sector of the electrical supply industry including plant operations support, systems operations, plant operations, electrical and mechanical maintenance and large scale wind generation maintenance.

Electrotechnology Training Package

The UEE Electrotechnology Training Package provides VET qualifications for electronics, electrical, communications, control systems, instrumentation, lifts, refrigeration and air conditioning, renewable/sustainable energy, fire and security, appliances, gaming and rail.

Gas Industry Training Package

The UEG Gas Supply Training Package provides VET qualifications for engineers, technicians, project managers, line managers, supervisors and field operatives engaged in in the manufacture and distribution of town gas through a system of mains and pipelines.

Maritime Training Package

The MAR Maritime Training Package provides VET qualifications for near coastal and ocean going maritime operations.

National Water Training Package

The NWP Water Training Package comprises seven qualifications, 10 Skill Sets, 148 units of competency and associated assessment requirements and covers: water supply, sewerage, drainage services and pipeline transport (water). The NWP Water Training Package provides the only nationally recognised Vocational Education…

Police Training Package

The POL Police Training Package provides VET qualifications for policing operations including liaison, intelligence, search and rescue, forensics, investigation, negotiation, witness protection, undercover, surveillance, management, prosecution and crime scene investigation.

Public Safety Training Package

The PUA Public Safety Training Package provides VET qualifications for firefighting and emergency operations, search and rescue, SES operations, community safety, aquatic search and rescue, and biosecurity.

Transmission, Distribution and Rail Industry Training Package

The UET Transmission, Distribution and Rail Sector Training Package provides VET qualifications for National Broadband Network cabling, asset inspection, power systems and operations (distribution, transmission and rail), substations, networks and infrastructure.

Transport and Logistics – Rail Training Package

The TLI Transport and Logistics – Rail Training Package comprises 26 qualifications, 53 Skill Sets, 245 units of competency and associated assessment requirements and covers:  Rail Infrastructure, Light Rail, Tram and Train Driving, Rail Operations Management, Signalling and Safety Management. The TLI Transport and Logistics…

Transport and Logistics Training Package

The TLI Transport and Logistics Training Package comprises 36 qualifications, 38 Skill Sets, 461 units of competency and associated assessment requirements and covers: Logistics and Warehousing, Road Transport, International Freight Forwarding and Customs Broking, Materiel and Deployment Logistics and Ports. The TLI Transport…



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