On behalf of the eleven IRC’s that AIS supports, the 2018 IRC Skills Forecast and Proposed Schedule of Work was submitted on 30 April to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC). On behalf of the IRCs and the team at AIS, we want to thank all stakeholders who provided feedback and engaged in the development process.

The IRC Skills Forecasts focus on the prioritisation of the skill needs of the industry sectors each IRC has responsibility for. Each Skills Forecast contains the following sections:

  • an Industry Overview including information on the businesses involved, stakeholders and the challenges and opportunities that currently face them
  • the Employment and Skills Outlook section, which contains data about employment and skills needs
  • Key Drivers for Change, which sets out regulatory and legislative changes and issues raised in the consultations, as well as
  • Proposed Responses to these issues, explaining what occupations may be affected and the risks of not proceeding.

The Skills forecast is deliberately brief. It is a snapshot of a continually evolving story, intended to alert and inform a wide audience about the most prominent issues facing the sector and to enhance the industry’s capacity to act.

The Proposed Schedule of Work follows the Skills Forecast and clearly articulates the IRCs’ year-on-year priorities for Training Package review and development across the four-year forward period. Project details specific to 2018-2019 projects are further broken down with a description, rationale, consultation plan and the Scope of the Project.

The IRC Skills Forecast and Proposed Schedule of Work for each IRC is currently with the Australian Industry and Skills Committee for consideration and approval. Work commissioned by the AISC will become part of the overall National Schedule across all IRCs in the National Training System. The National Schedule is a four-year rolling schedule of work.

AIS will alert all registered stakeholders once the AISC provide information on work commissioned, which will result in Training Package review and development.

Aviation 2018 IRC Skills Forecast

Corrections 2018 IRC Skills Forecast

Electrotechnology 2018 IRC Skills Forecast

ESI Generation 2018 IRC Skills Forecast

ESI Transmission, Distribution and Rail 2018 IRC Skills Forecast

Gas 2018 IRC Skills Forecast

Maritime 2018 IRC Skills Forecast

Public Safety 2018 IRC Skills Forecast

Rail 2018 IRC Skills Forecast

Transport and Logistics 2018 IRC Skills Forecast

Water 2018 IRC Skills Forecast