About Us

Australian Industry Standards

Future Skilling

Australian Industry Standards (AIS) is a government-funded, not-for-profit organisation working with industry leadership to ensure Training Packages are contemporary, future-focused and aligned with industry needs.

AIS works under the leadership of 11 Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) representing the aviation, transport and logistics, maritime, energy, water and utilities, public safety, police, fire, defence and corrections sectors.

We support the work of these IRCs by providing high quality secretariat capability across industry engagement, research and analysis, and project management, to produce training packages and deliver support services.

AIS has deep, in-house technical skills and experience. This is what sets us apart.

Our people are passionate about skills development. We understand the nexus between world-class skills and a strong economy, and we believe in the transformational power of skills development for growth and productivity and to create career pathways for individuals.

AIS is future-focused and nimble, working to quickly adapt to the needs of industry, emerging industries, and the skills required by their workforces.

The AIS operating culture is one of continuous improvement, always striving for excellence and efficiencies.

What we do

Australian Industry Standards supports industry growth and productivity through our modern innovative approach to establishing skills standards.

We provide high-quality, professional secretariat services to help our allocated Industry Reference Committees develop the skills that industry needs.

We partner with industry to shape the workforce of the future.