AIS Newsletter June 2021


CEO Update

There has been a lot of discussion recently about the importance of industry engagement and leadership to ensure the skills of the Australian workforce are meeting the needs of employers. Workplaces are changing and the workforce skills that employers need to compete locally and internationally are constantly evolving. These changes have accelerated over the past 15 months due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and this point was at the centre of discussion during many of the consultation activities AIS facilitated to support the development of the Digital Transformation Expert Panel’s strategy, ‘The Learning Country’.


With this need for industry to lead the response to changing skills needs in mind, we’re pleased to announce the release of the 2021 Industry Outlooks. Each Industry Outlook has been developed under the leadership of the Industry Reference Committee and is based on listening to industry stakeholders through ongoing consultation and the gathering and analysing of industry intelligence. The Industry Outlooks provide an overview of each IRC’s proposed response to the trends, challenges and opportunities that impact on workforce skills within their industry. Along with each Industry Outlook, you will also find a short video where a member of each Industry Reference Committee talks about the key skills issues and the proposed nationally recognised training responses.


In the articles below, you’ll find information about the most recent submissions to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee for the development and review of National Training Packages and the projects that have recently been completed and are seeking endorsement for release as nationally recognised qualifications.


AIS was pleased to attend the recently held Inland Rail Conference in Albury, where industry and government leaders discussed the progress of this nationally transformative project that is being delivered by a highly skilled workforce. Inland Rail is broken up into 13 individual projects spanning 1,700km from Melbourne to Brisbane via regional Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland and will provide significant economic and productivity benefits over many decades into the future along with ongoing employment opportunities.


My compliments to the Australasian Railway Association and the Australian Logistics Council who jointly held the conference. The leadership of ARA’s CEO Caroline Wilkie and ALC’s CEO Kirk Conningham, along with their respective Chairs, Danny Broad and Philip Davies, was on clear display throughout the conference and AIS looks forward to our continued engagement with your organisations and the important industries you represent.

I would also like to acknowledge the contribution of Kirk Conningham, who finished his time with the ALC at the completion of the Inland Rail conference. I wish you well for the future and thank you for your engagement and leadership in the national skills agenda.


Paul Walsh



Industry Outlooks released

On behalf of the eleven Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) AIS supports, we are excited to announce the release of the 2021 IRC Industry Outlooks.


Each Industry Outlook provides a snapshot of a continually evolving story for the sector that is intended to alert and inform a wide audience and enhance the industry’s capacity to act. It provides the IRC’s proposed response to industry trends to support workforce needs.


As part of this work, the IRCs consult broadly with stakeholders to ensure a whole-of-industry view about the opportunities and challenges for the workforce and the Training Package review work necessary to meet industry needs.


Visit our IRC Industry Intelligence page to view the Industry Outlooks and hear from each IRC about key industry trends, challenges and the IRC response to skills needs.


Industry spotlight: The Centre for U in North Melbourne

The Centre for U is a state-of-the-art facility that provides holistic support to the over 20,000 members of the Electrical Trade Union (ETU), Victorian Branch and their families. It was opened in 2019 to deliver to its members training, health and wellbeing services, and workplace and personal support throughout each stage of their life.


The centre has over 40 offerings from upskilling courses, workplace support, health services and personal and family services.


“The needs of our members are front of mind in what we offer. In addition to skills training, we run sessions and workshops for areas such as: LGBTQI and inclusivity, drug and alcohol awareness, health checks, myotherapy, remedial massage, yoga, anxiety, and stress management, first aid, legal services, suicide prevention, family violence, new parents, retirement planning, and mental health in the workplace’, said Alex Newman, CEO Centre for U.


“One of key objectives is to select two strategic partners each year to support ETU members, and the partners mission for the wider community. In 2021, we have proudly partnered with Amaze – the peak body for autistic people and their families in Victoria which provides a voice and creates inclusive communities; and The Fathering Project – supporting and equipping dads to be the best they can be to positively change children’s lives.”


“The comprehensive range of services offered by the centre proved instrumental during COVID to support members through some very challenging times’, said Mark Burgess, ETU National Apprenticeships Officer.


“For many this included refreshing their skills, upskilling in new areas, and accessing broader personal support. Many unemployed members have been supported to complete their training, build rapport and connections with others in the industry, and get back into the workforce”.


The centre recently had to postpone its ‘Women on Sites Day’ due to the recently imposed COVID restrictions in Victoria. The event is to inform women of the career pathways in the electrical industry. With well over 100 people registered for the event it will be rescheduled as soon as possible, given the high level of interest for the industry.


Visit the ETU Centre for U website to find out more.


Cases for Endorsement

The following Cases for Endorsement and draft Training Package materials have been submitted to the AISC for their consideration and approval:


  • Corrections – Trauma Informed Approach; Working with Cognitively Impaired Offenders
  • Police – Search and Rescue; Police Protection
  • ESI Transmission, Distribution and Rail – Renewable Technologies, Industry Skills


Further Cases for Endorsements regarding new Training Package releases for the Electrotechnology, ESI Generation, Gas, Maritime, and Transport & Logistics (including Rail) industries are being finalised and will be submitted by June 30.


Cases for Change update

The IRCs we support have submitted 15 Cases for Change (listed below) for Training Package development work to be considered by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) at its meeting on 22 June.


The proposed projects are aimed at addressing priority skills needs and ensuring qualifications, Skill Sets and Units of Competency reflect current technologies, industry practices, and regulations for the respective industry.


A further 24 Cases for Change will be submitted to the AISC for consideration at its meetings on 21 July or 19 August. These proposed projects address priority skills needs in the Corrections, Gas, Public Safety, Electrotechnology, ESI Generation, Maritime, Transport & Logistics and Rail industries.


Cases for Change submissions:

Aviation – Air Traffic Control, Aviation Supervision, Chief Remote Pilot, Commercial Pilot Regulatory

Defence – Electronic Forensics, Paralegal Services, Range Control and Management, Test and Evaluations, Work Diving

ESI Transmission, Distribution & Rail – Transmission Structures, Refresher Skills, Power and Network Systems

Transport & Logistics – Customs Broking, Driving Instruction, Materiel & Deployment Logistics



High Risk Work Licence

We are about to commence a new project on behalf of the Transport and Logistics Industry Reference Committee to review and update Units of Competency related to High Risk Work Licences (HRWL) for crane operators. At the request of Safe Work Australia, nine units in the Transport and Logistics Training Package will be aligned with Schedule 4 to the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011. Aimed at addressing the identification and management of risks related to slinging and directing loads beyond visual line of sight, this is a fast-track project due to be completed by 30 September this year.


COVID-19 Vaccine Dispersal webinar with Vietnam

In May 2021, AIS Global conducted a webinar to key stakeholders in Vietnam’s logistics industry raising awareness about key issues in the dispersal of the COVID19-vaccine.


Participants heard from Professor Victor Gekara, an expert on Supply Chains and Logistics at RMIT, on how to prepare the supply chain to support the Vietnam vaccine rollout and manage challenges with remote locations and refrigeration. Lessons learned from the Australian rollout were provided and the role that the Logistics Industry Reference Council (LIRC) may play. While focus was on the infrastructure, Professor Gekara demonstrated it was equally important for the human experience to be factored in. The World Health Organisation (WHO) guidance on developing a national positioning and vaccination plan was referenced to ensure best-practice and an evidenced-based approach.


The subject matter provoked a healthy discussion between participants and Webinar facilitators and has resulted in a proposal to draft a communique to the Transport & Logistics industry, for the Vietnam LIRC to play a pivotal role in the coordination of logistics for Vietnam’s upcoming vaccination distribution.


The Vietnam LIRC represents the spectrum of logistics functions and activities from port operations, to land based distribution and warehousing, logistics services and is therefore uniquely placed to lead as part of the national distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.



National Skills Summit – 25 June 2021

This year’s summit will be held in Sydney and showcases a strong mix of leaders from across the business community and training sector to develop a shared understanding of what is required to achieve excellence in the skills sector. Visit their website to see the full program and panellists.