Australian Industry Standards (AIS) has released a range of Issues Papers seeking stakeholder feedback across the industry sectors represented by 11 Industry Reference Committees (IRCs).

Under the recently-introduced Commonwealth Vocational Education and Training system, the review and development of Training Packages is led by Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) to ensure skills better align with jobs in the modern economy, with support from Government appointed Skills Service Organisations such as AIS.

The Issues Papers cover the following sectors: Aviation, Correctional Services, Electrotechnology, ESI Generation, ESI Transmission Distribution and Rail, Gas, Maritime, Public Safety, Rail, Transport & Logistics, and Water.

The Papers outline the future challenges facing these sectors and issues that need to be considered in the development of Training Packages for the workforces of the short and longer-term future.  They seek comment and feedback on the issues raised and any other issues which may be relevant to the development of these training packages.

You can access the issues papers on the Industry Intelligence section of each IRC page found here:

AIS works with 11 allocated Industry Reference Committees in a range of sectors as a major component of the Australian Government’s reform of vocational education and training across Australian industry sectors. These IRCs include transport and logistics, gas, electricity, electrotechnology, the Defence force, public safety services (including police, correctional and fire), water, aviation and maritime industries.

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