This has been another eventful year for all of us at AIS as we continue working with industry and the eleven Industry Reference Committees (IRC) we support. The important role of the IRCs cannot be underestimated as we all work together to ensure the skills of your workforce are not only contemporary but also future focussed. IRC members give their time voluntarily and contribute to meeting the skills needs of their industry sector by engaging with their industry networks, reviewing industry intelligence, oversighting and signing off on the development of their annual IRC Skills Forecast, and oversighting the work of Training Package development and review projects. On behalf of AIS, I’d like to thank all IRC and TAC members for your valuable and tireless contribution.

Equally important is the role of all stakeholders who take time out to engage in the work of the IRC by providing feedback, making submissions or by becoming a member of a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). The national VET system relies heavily on industry’s involvement to ensure that the skills standards contained in industry qualifications and Training Packages are fit for purpose.

The eleven IRCs, through the support of various TACs and industry stakeholders, have been responsible for work on over 40 Training Package projects throughout 2018. Projects completed and approved for release by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee this year include:

  • Transition of the ESI Generation Training Package to 2012 Standards for Training Packages
  • Transition of the Gas Industry Training Package to 2012 Standards for Training Packages
  • New Butt Fusion units developed for Gas Industry Training Package
  • High Risk Work Licence units review for Transport & Logistics Training Package
  • New Geospatial qualification for the Defence Training Package
  • Police Training Package review and Hazardous Devices development
  • New Unit of Competency for Rail Safety Communications
  • New Scheduler qualification for Transport & Logistics
  • Review of the Yard Operations qualification review for Transport & Logistics
  • Review of the Near Coastal qualifications, Maritime Training Package

The following projects are in the final stages of preparation for AISC endorsement:

  • Review of Aviation Transport Security qualifications, Aviation Training Package
  • Review of Water Industry Operations qualification, National Water Training Package
  • New Water Hydrography qualification, National Water Training Package

The project to transition the Public Safety Training Package is moving into its final stage prior to AISC submission. The Electrotechnology Training Package transition and review project is progressing well, as is the ESI Transmission, Distribution and Rail Training Package transition project.

There is also Training Package review and development work continuing in Aviation, Correctional Services, Defence, Police, Rail and Transport & Logistics. More information on these projects can be found here.

New technologies, automation, big data and sophisticated analytics are rapidly changing how supply chains operate and, as a direct consequence, evolving the job roles and skills needed by individual workers. In response to this trend, the Transport and Logistics IRC has been given oversight of the Supply Chain Skills Cross Sector project, which AIS has been commissioned to support. The project’s goal is to develop a range of Skill Sets and Units of Competency for those supply chain skills common to a range of industry sectors and, in doing so, support the mobility of skilled labour across the Australian workforce. The project is led by a Project Reference Group (PRG) comprising representatives from diverse industries. The project website contains project information, a knowledge platform and feedback portal.

I would like to thank the more than 1,000 people who attended our Industry Skills Forums across Australia over recent months. Your input has provided invaluable intelligence for the 2019 IRC Skills Forecasts. A selection of the key messages across the forums can be found on the Future Skilling website.

During the Industry Skills Forums, there was much discussion in every State and Territory about the impact of Digital Transformation on future skills needs. AIS is very pleased to have been commissioned by the AISC to support the Digital Transformation IRC. The feedback during the Industry Skills Forums made it very clear how important the establishment of the Digital Transformation IRC will be to address this important national skills issue. We’ll provide more information on this project through our website, newsletters and alerts.

Again, let me extend my appreciation for the dedication and commitment of each and every one of our partners and stakeholders to ensuring Australian workers are highly skilled.

Thanks also go to our highly dedicated team at AIS, whose goal is to support our IRCs and our broader industry stakeholders. I know I speak for the entire team when I say we look forward to continuing to work with you all in 2019.

Finally, I personally wish all of you and your loved ones a happy and prosperous 2019.


Paul Walsh

Chief Operating Officer