AISC Emergency Response Sub-committee

In late April, the AISC Emergency Response Sub-committee initiated activities for boosting the development of infection control skills. Just a couple of weeks later, the COAG Skills Council endorsed a new ‘Infection Control’ skill set for use across multiple industries. The Skill Set has been developed to provide infection control training across a range of occupations and industries to decrease the risk and transmission of infection as people carry out their daily duties.

A series of resources, including fact sheets and contextualization guides to support Registered Training Organisations to deliver the Skill Set have been developed and will be available online shortly. The first tranche of resources is targeted at the transport and logistics, retail and food- handling sectors, with material for other industries being considered developed in the coming weeks.

In consultation with industry, AIS facilitated the development of a guide to contextualise these infection control skills for the transport and logistics sector. To ensure that the risks specific to COVID19 are covered, we also identified a number of general resources.  These will be incorporated into the final version of the fact sheet and contextualisation guides following consultation with industry.

Read the Ministers’ media release