AISC establishes a Digital Transformation IRC

The growth of technology since 1990 has been rapid and accelerating. The work profile of nearly every job has been affected, with some jobs being fully automated, others partly or considerably altered in their performance. This trend will continue; there are some projections that 375 million jobs (14% of the global workforce) will be automated by 2030.

Skills demands in the future will be defined by the level and extent of technology used in work. A key business driver has been the pursuit of increased productivity. The external push will remain the increased participation of technology across the wider spectrum of life.

In response to these radical transformations, the AISC is establishing a ‘Digital Transformation’ Industry Reference Committee (IRC) to help ensure vocational education and training gives students the future-focused skills they will need.

The AISC has chosen the name ‘digital transformation’ to be clear about what is happening in the so-called fourth industrial revolution (or Industry 4.0). Robotics, advances in data exchange and other new technologies are profoundly affecting the economy. The automation of manufacturing processes will involve using the Internet of Things (IoT), applying big data using block-chain technologies and robotic process automation. Cyber-physical production systems (CPPS) will lead to smart production, where intelligent products, machines, networks and systems independently communicate and cooperate with each other over the entire manufacturing process with minimal human intervention.

The new IRC will work with industry to define competencies in areas such as big data, supply chains, automation, digital skills and cyber security.  It is anticipated these competencies will be included in a range of qualifications across the national training system. It will be made up of leaders from across industry with expertise in areas such as advanced manufacturing, ICT, transport, logistics and engineering.

AIS has been allocated the role of supporting the new Digital Transformation IRC. Digital transformation will also be a theme in the AIS Industry Skills Forums to be held around the country from September to November.

If you are interested in becoming involved in this project, please contact