Aviation and Public Safety Training Package work approved

The Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) have commissioned work on Training Package Development by the Aviation and Public Safety IRCs.

In line with its Skills Forecast and Proposed Schedule of Work submitted in April this year, the Aviation IRC has been commissioned by the AISC to revise remote pilot aircraft systems units and qualifications in the Aviation Training Package to meet regulatory and emerging technologies.

The AISC agreed to the development of new training products in the Public Safety Training Package to address the Intergovernmental Agreement on Biosecurity, specifically in relation to biosecurity response.

This includes the development of 1 new unit of competency in biosecurity response planning, and the development of 8 new Skill Sets in Biosecurity Response Operations using existing units of competency.

The AISC also agreed to a review of the currency of parts of the Public Safety Training Package to ensure alignment with national legislative requirements, public safety doctrine and policy and industry best practice to meet workforce development needs. This Training Package development work will be undertaken alongside the transition of the PUA12 Public Safety Training Package, and includes the review and development of Units of Competency, Skill Sets and one new qualification.

The Public Safety IRC will provide further information to the IRC to support a proposal to review the currency of parts of the Police Training Package to address Australian Government policies and contemporary policing practices in how police officers undertake investigations and forensic examinations; respond to emerging technologies in cybercrime, and work with the community about family violence and mental health. As an outcome of the review, the IRC proposes to revise Units of Competency, Skill Sets and qualifications.

The AISC has endorsed work submitted by AIS on behalf of the Public Safety IRC, including 3 new qualifications, 47 new Units of Competency and two new Skill Sets. The endorsement encompasses:

  • Completion of transition of remaining Defence Training Package components to the Standards for Training Packages 2012
  • Completion of the development of Training Package components for Air Dispatch, Regulatory Compliance, Range Management, Performance Based Contracting, Defence Paralegal, Defence Public Affairs and Defence Financial Management to respond to previously identified Defence skills needs.

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