Aviation Workforce Skills Study

This study into the state of the aviation workforce in Australia was undertaken by TLISC* on behalf of the Commonwealth’s Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development. The study sought to identify the industry’s workforce and skill needs and the actions that can be taken by industry to meet those needs.

There is a requirement – recognised by industry and government alike – to support the effective, safe growth of the aviation industry in Australia. The industry is under considerable pressure to adapt in a dynamic environment with rapidly growing cargo and passenger traffic, stringent regulations and fast-paced technology innovation. As such, the availability of trained staff is crucial to the industry’s ongoing viability.

This report provides analysis and recommendations that may inform future government policy regarding skills development and training policies for aviation. Furthermore, the report identifies potential opportunities for expansion of the Australian aviation training market.


Part I: provides a descriptive statistical analysis of the aviation workforce in Australia. This section considers the size of aviation employment, the cost of staff and the demographics of the workforce.

Part II: comprises a survey of issues impacting on the sector and its skills requirements. Scenarios for future labour demand are provided.

Part III: considers the impact of aviation training in Australia, incorporating publicly funded VET enrolments, the cost of training, industry views, the quality of training delivery, challenges facing training providers and the shortage of trainers and assessors.

Part IV: provides an assessment of the Australian aviation training brand and the capacity of the sector to meet demand from international students. Regional skills are considered and the opportunities for skills integration, labour mobility, recognition of prior learning and licence conversions are addressed.


Executive Summary

Aviation Workforce Skills Study Report

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*The Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council (TLISC) was contracted by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development to carry out the Aviation Workforce Skills Study. During the project period, TLISC changed its name to Australian Industry Standards.