CEO Update – May 2020

Last week the Federal Government announced its 3 step Roadmap to a COVIDsafe Australia designed to get the economy moving more sustainably. As the country prepares for recovery, the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector will play a pivotal role in addressing critical gaps and ensuring the workforce is skilled to underpin the economic recovery. Over the last month, we have initiated meetings with the 11 Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) we support to gather information regarding the impact of COVID-19 and inform government decision-making.

I would like to thank the IRC members for their ability to respond so quickly to this important work. The information provided has directly informed our advice to the Department of Education, Skills and Employment to inform key Government initiatives. This has focused on the work of the AISC Emergency Sub-committee, established by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Skills Council, which is enabling a rapid and agile process to support essential skilling requirements. Our engagement with the IRCs has resulted in advice to the Department on job security, skills mobility, COVID-19 training, alternative assessment criteria, travel restrictions and licensing/ regulatory exemptions. We have also provided an analysis of the impact on each industry we represent, on critical job roles across industry sectors and solutions that could sustain these occupations.

AIS, through its business arm AIS Global, has also undertaken a direct role in advising key decision makers in Vietnam to support the recovery of the critically important logistics sector in that country. In addition to providing industry intelligence to the Logistics Industry Reference Council (LIRC), members of Australia’s Transport and Logistics IRC have directly engaged with their Vietnamese peers to offer advice and support. This is another example of the important work provided by IRCs and shows a real commitment to regional partnerships as we navigate the global pandemic. Further information about this important work can be found in this newsletter.

We continue to remain responsive and agile as Australia continues its path to recovery and to support industry to shape the workforce of the future, especially in these most challenging times.