CEO Update – November

This month TLISC were pleased to host delegates from Indonesia, India, Malaysia and Sri Lanka as part of a project looking at Transnational Skills in Ports involved in the Indian Ocean Rim. TLISC is managing this project for the Department of Education and Training. The project will support the skill development needs of occupations in port operations between IORA member states to meet local industry skill needs and support industry, trade and skilled labour mobility across the Indian Ocean Rim. More information about the project and the workshop can be found later in this newsletter.

As part the growing relationship between TLISC and the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP) together with Jon Northorpe, TLISC Deputy Chair, I travelled to China in late October to meet with the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP). CFLP is the peak body for the Logistics industry in China. This visit included the formal signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in Beijing and bilateral discussions with senior CFLP officials on how to increase the level of collaborative engagement between both organisations. Following the meetings in Beijing, Jon and I made presentations at the 7thChina National Conference on Logistics Teaching of Vocational Schools in Changzhou.

The conference theme was “Strategy, System and Innovation” and I was able to provide an overview of the Australian Vocational Education System while Jon presented a case study on “Catch of the Day’ the largest eCommence business in Australia. Jon highlighted the value of providing quality training to the Catch of the Day workforce and the positive impact the training has had in improving organisational performance and employee engagement. There were a lot of questions following our presentations around the potential application of the Australian VET delivery approach in China.

During the visit we had the opportunity to visit a number of Chinese Logistics businesses and VET Training Institutions. Jon and I were both very impressed with the quality of the facilities th and innovative approaches being used at each Institute and with the delivery approach being used to develop the skills of the students. It was also very impressive to see the strong relationship with local businesses to support the vocational education and training being delivered.

We are continuing to discuss potential partnership activities with CFLP and some priorities include:

  • Bi-annual exchange visits between TLISC and CFLP team members
  • Facilitating exchange visits between Australian and Chinese Training Institutes to explore options for ongoing cooperation and partnership activities
  • Teacher and Student exchange opportunities
  • Undertaking joint research activities to evaluate how to best support improving Logistics Training in both countries

Over the next two months there will be further discussions between TLISC and CFLP to identify and agree on priority activities for 2016.