CEO Update – October 2019

The Australian Government’s reform of the VET system is continuing apace. AIS strongly supports the stated objectives of this process to improve the quality, job outcomes and status of VET necessary for the system to adapt to future skills needs.

AIS looks forward to participating in the Government’s upcoming consultation workshops to discuss key initiatives aimed at strengthening our VET system, including the role and purpose of the National Skills Commission, Skills Organisations and the National Careers Institute.

The Department is also offering the opportunity for stakeholders to make written submissions to the reform processes with further details outlined below in this newsletter.

AIS is proud to have supported Acting IRC Chair Peter Woods of Sydney Trains, and the members of the IRC to deliver the UET Transmission, Distribution and Rail Sector Training Package which has now been released on the National Register of VET. Delivering this package has been a significant piece of work, which involved the transition of 16 qualifications, 223 Units of Competency and 18 Skill Sets to the Standards for Training Packages. The project involved wide industry consultation and AIS would like to congratulate all involved, particularly the members of the Technical Advisory Committees.

Last week the annual skills survey inviting responses from industry about key issues affecting skills and workforce development was opened. It is vital that as many industry stakeholders as possible contribute to these surveys to ensure the picture for each industry is comprehensive. The skills survey can be completed online and should take no more than 10 minutes. Industry representatives are also invited to make submissions.

Congratulations to Caroline Wilkie who will take up her appointment as the new Chief Executive Officer of the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) in mid-February next year. She will join the ARA from the Australian Airports Association (AAA), where she has been the CEO since 2010.

AIS has had a close working relationship with both the ARA and AAA, with both organisations represented on Industry Reference Committees. Caroline has said that she will continue the strong focus on safety, skills development and the implementation of new technologies within the rail industry and is committed to leading these agendas on behalf of the ARA’s members.

Finally, I thank everyone who contributed to our recent AIS stakeholder survey. The results of the survey are currently being considered and further feedback will be provided in coming weeks. The information is vital to inform continuous improvement in the services and support we provide here at AIS, and your participation is greatly appreciated.

With best wishes,

Robert Adams