Electrotechnology Industry Reference Committee

IRC Chair Larry Moore talks about the importance of skills development in electrotechnology


The Electrotechnology Industry Reference Committee has been assigned responsibility for the UEE Electrotechnology Training Package and the UEE11 Electrotechnology Training Package.

These Electrotechnology Training Packages, provide the only nationally recognised Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications for occupations involved in: electronics, electrical, communications, control systems, instrumentation, lifts, refrigeration and air conditioning, renewable/sustainable energy, fire and security, appliances, gaming and rail.

Chair: Larry Moore, National Electrical & Communications Association. Read Larry’s IRC Chair Profile.

Deputy Chair: Mark Burgess, Electrical Trades Union

Committee members:

Carl Copeland, College of Electrical Training
Graham Williams, Institute of Instumentation Control & Automation
Kevin O’Shea, Refrigeration Air-Conditioning Contractors Association
Malcolm Richards, Master Electricians Australia
Maurice Graham, Communications Electrical Plumbing Union
Neil Fraser, Energy Safe Victoria (ERAC)
Noel Munkman, Australian Refrigeration Council
Paul Lowe, NSW TAFE
Peter Beveridge, Utilities Engineering Electrical Automotive Training Council
Sarah Loveday, Loveday Electrical
Trevor Moore, JMD Railtech/Rail Industry Safety & Standards Board