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A review of Australia’s current transport security arrangements has highlighted the need for review and development of the Aviation Training Package to address regulatory requirements from the Office of Transport Security (OTS). Screening systems and covert testing are to be extended into air cargo and the maritime sectors to incorporate large cruise ship passenger and baggage screening.

This project will focus on two qualifications and associated Units of Competency. The qualifications include:

  • AVI20316 Certificate II in Aviation Transport Protection (Passenger and Non-Passenger Screener)
  • AVI20416 Certificate II in Aviation Transport Protection (Checked Baggage Screener)

If you have any questions about this project, please contact the Industry Manager:

Greg Spence
Greg Spence
Industry Manager
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Project Updates

6 February 2019


The AISC has approved the Case for Endorsement for Training Package implementation.

Case for Endorsement

The approved AVI Aviation Training Package Release 4.0 is now available on training.gov.au  

The following materials were approved:


Unit Code Unit Title
AVI20118 Certificate II in Transport Security Protection

New/Revised Units

Unit Code Unit Title
AVIF0015 Apply awareness of dangerous goods and hazardous substances in the transport security environment
AVIG0001 Work effectively in a transport security environment
AVIO0003 Apply electronic metal detection procedures
AVIO0004 Conduct frisk search of persons
AVIO0005 Conduct screening using explosive trace detection
AVIO0006 Conduct vehicle search for access to security sensitive areas
AVIO0007 Control access to and exit from a security sensitive area
AVIO0008 Establish and maintain a sterile sensitive area
AVIO0009 Identify and handle weapons, explosives and prohibited items
AVIO0010 Identify powders, liquids, aerosols and gels (PLAGs)
AVIO0011 Manage disruptive behaviour and unlawful interference within a transport security environment
AVIO0012 Manage the flow of items for screening by X-ray screening equipment
AVIO0013 Operate body scanner
AVIO0014 Screen articles by interpreting X-ray images
AVIO0015 Undertake physical search of cargo and articles

New/Revised Skill Sets

Unit Code Unit Title
AVISS00075 Air Cargo Screening Officer Skill Set
AVISS00076 Domestic Airport Screening Officer Skill Set
AVISS00077 International Airport Screening Officer Skill Set
AVISS00078 Maritime Screening Officer Skill Set


7 September 2018


The draft Training Package materials have undergone independent edit and quality assurance, and are now available for viewing.

To view the final draft AVI Aviation Training Package materials, please click below. (links to materials have now been removed)

Case for Endorsement Companion Volume Implementation Guide Qualifications Skill Sets Units of Competency

Final drafts are scheduled to be submitted to the AISC in October.

Thank you to all stakeholders who provided valuable feedback and contributed to this project.

22 June 2018

Draft Material Available

The TAC has finalised draft materials for this project and would like your feedback.

The project has focused on the development of a new qualification AVI201XX Certificate II in Transport Security Protection. This qualification replaces two previous qualifications. It contains five specialist screening elective groups covering Air Cargo, Domestic Airports, International Airports, Maritime and a Generalist stream.

One specific core Unit of Competency ‘AVIG2002X Work effectively in the transport security industry’ has been classified ‘Not for Public Access’ as its content may include security sensitive information and hence is not included in the drafts.

Please submit your feedback by close of business by Monday, 9 July 2018. Feedback has now closed.

26 March 2018

The Aviation Transport Security TAC met on Monday, 26 March 2018 to continue discussions on the review of the qualification and packaging rules, development of skill sets and associated Units of Competency.

It was agreed that another TAC meeting is required before draft materials are sent out for public consultation.

12 December 2017

Agenda items for the first Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting held in conjunction with the OTS – Screen Accreditation Working Group incorporated discussion on the proposed screener accreditation scheme, new training qualifications as well as current training and licencing requirements for air cargo, airport and maritime security guards.

Draft materials will be available for feedback early 2018.

19 September 2017

Project Commencement

The Aviation Industry Reference Committee (IRC) and industry stakeholders are currently undertaking the review of the AVI Aviation Training Package. This project will focus on two qualifications and associated Units of Competency. The qualifications include:

  • AVI20316 Certificate II in Aviation Transport Protection (Passenger and Non-Passenger Screener)
  • AVI20416 Certificate II in Aviation Transport Protection (Checked Baggage Screener)

This work is being undertaken with the Commonwealth Office of Transport Security. Industry stakeholders seeking more information on this project and opportunities to provide feedback through the project are to contact the Industry Manager.

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