NWP Qualifications Review


The Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) has commissioned the review and development of the NWP National Water Training Package. To accommodate significant changes in technology within the Water industry, this project will aim to:

  • Streamline training pathways required in the water industry
  • Incorporate new technology and required skills into qualifications
  • Align qualifications to changing job roles

To achieve this, the project will include the review of the following Qualifications and associated Units of Competency:

  • NWP20115 Certificate II in Water Industry Operations
  • NWP30215 Certificate III in Water Industry Operations
  • NWP30315 Certificate III in Water Industry Treatment
  • 95 existing Units of Competency and development of up to 6 new Units of Competency
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The Water IRC will have oversight of this project, which will be facilitated by Australian Industry Standards (AIS) in consultation with industry stakeholders. A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will be formed for this project.

Regular updates will be posted on this page throughout the life of the project.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact Industry Manager Klausch Schmidt.

Klausch Schmidt
Industry Manager
Email klausch.schmidt@australianindustrystandards.org.au

Project Update

7 February 2020


The AISC has approved the Case for Endorsement for Training Package implementation.

Case for Endorsement

The approved NWP National Water Training Package Release 3.0 is now available on training.gov.au

The following materials were approved:


NWP20119 Certificate II in Water Industry Operations

NWP30219 Certificate III in Water Industry Operations

IRC Minor Changes

NWP40515 Certificate IV in Water Industry Operations (minor release)

NWP40615 Certificate IV in Water Industry Treatment (minor release)

NWP50118 Diploma of Water Industry Operations (minor release)

Skill Sets having a text update only

  1. NWPSS00001 Advanced certification bridging
  2. NWPSS00002 Catchment operations
  3. NWPSS00003 Certification bridging
  4. NWPSS00004 Dam operations
  5. NWPSS00006 Infrastructure operations and maintenance
  6. NWPSS00007 Regional treatment operations
  7. NWPSS00008 Water quality monitoring
  8. NWPSS00010 Water sampling

New unit

  1. NWPTRT048 Monitor and operate reclaimed water irrigation

Revised units

  1. NWPCAD001 Respond to blue-green algae outbreaks
  2. NWPCAD002 Control vegetation on a site
  3. NWPCAD003 Identify and confirm blue-green algae outbreaks
  4. NWPCAD004 Maintain catchment and surrounding areas
  5. NWPCAD005 Monitor, inspect and report catchment areas
  6. NWPCAD006 Monitor and coordinate catchment operations
  7. NWPCAD007 Inspect, operate and maintain low consequence dams
  8. NWPCAD008 Monitor and control dam operations
  9. NWPCAD009 Monitor and implement dam maintenance
  10. NWPCAD010 Inspect and report on concrete dam safety
  11. NWPCAD011 Inspect and report on embankment dam safety
  12. NWPCAD012 Route floods through storages
  13. NWPCAD013 Conduct and report dam safety instrumentation monitoring
  14. NWPCAD014 Inspect and report river performance
  15. NWPCAD015 Operate and maintain locks and weirs
  16. NWPCAD016 Operate and maintain fishways
  17. NWPCAD017 Operate and maintain salt interception works
  18. NWPCAD018 Monitor and operate bulkwater transfer systems
  19. NWPCAD019 Monitor and operate groundwater extraction
  20. NWPCAD020 Inspect and operate groundwater regulation
  21. NWPGEN017 Apply the risk management principles of the water industry standards,  guidelines and legislation
  22. NWPGEN018 Follow environmental and licensing procedures
  23. NWPGEN019 Assess, implement and report environmental procedures
  24. NWPGEN020 Sample and test source or drinking water
  25. NWPGEN021 Sample and test wastewater
  26. NWPGEN022 Perform laboratory testing
  27. NWPGEN023 Use maps, plans, drawings and details
  28. NWPGEN024 Identify the role and functions of the water industry
  29. NWPGEN025 Apply principles of chemistry to water systems and processes
  30. NWPGEN026 Provide and promote customer service
  31. NWPGEN027 Monitor and operate pump stations
  32. NWPGEN028 Investigate and report on breaches of water industry legislation
  33. NWPIWS001 Monitor and operate rural irrigation and domestic delivery systems
  34. NWPIWS002 Operate regulating devices in rural irrigation systems
  35. NWPIWS003 Inspect and operate water diversion systems
  36. NWPIWS004 Install meters for rural water supplies
  37. NWPIWS005 Maintain and repair irrigation channels and drains
  38. NWPIWS006 Maintain meters for rural water supplies
  39. NWPIWS007 Detect and rectify faults with automated channel regulators
  40. NWPIWS008 Monitor and conduct maintenance on rural irrigation assets
  41. NWPIWS009 Monitor and control drainage operations
  42. NWPIWS010 Monitor and control rural water distribution operations
  43. NWPIWS011 Identify and apply water entitlements and delivery processes
  44. NWPIWS012 Monitor and schedule water deliveries
  45. NWPNET018 Disinfect network assets
  46. NWPNET019 Prepare and restore worksite
  47. NWPNET020 Control electrical risk on metallic pipes
  48. NWPNET028 Monitor and operate network systems
  49. NWPNET029 Locate, identify and protect utilities
  50. NWPNET030 Identify and respond to water quality problems
  51. NWPNET035 Perform odour and infiltration investigations
  52. NWPNET036 Perform leak detection
  53. NWPNET037 Inspect sewer or stormwater assets
  54. NWPNET038 Install metering equipment
  55. NWPNET039 Maintain and repair network assets for drinking water
  56. NWPNET040 Maintain and repair network assets for wastewater
  57. NWPNET046 Maintain and repair network assets for bulkwater
  58. NWPNET047 Install, maintain and repair hydrants
  59. NWPNET048 Monitor and control vacuum sewer systems
  60. NWPNET049 Construct and install water distribution assets
  61. NWPNET050 Construct and install wastewater collection assets
  62. NWPNET051 Monitor and operate water distribution systems
  63. NWPNET052 Monitor and operate wastewater collection and transfer systems
  64. NWPNET053 Test and commission water distribution systems
  65. NWPNET054 Test and commission wastewater collection systems
  66. NWPTRT005 Monitor and operate water treatment processes
  67. NWPTRT006 Monitor and operate fluoride addition processes
  68. NWPTRT007 Monitor and operate liquefied chlorine gas disinfection processes
  69. NWPTRT008 Operate and control iron and manganese removal processes
  70. NWPTRT009 Operate and control coagulation and flocculation processes
  71. NWPTRT010 Operate and control sedimentation and clarification processes
  72. NWPTRT016 Operate and control dissolved air flotation processes
  73. NWPTRT017 Operate and control activated carbon processes
  74. NWPTRT018 Operate and control ion exchange and softening processes
  75. NWPTRT019 Operate and control granular media filters
  76. NWPTRT020 Operate and control membrane filters
  77. NWPTRT021 Operate and control desalination processes
  78. NWPTRT022 Monitor and operate hypochlorite disinfection processes
  79. NWPTRT023 Monitor and operate ultraviolet processes
  80. NWPTRT024 Operate and control chloramination processes
  81. NWPTRT025 Monitor and operate chlorine dioxide processes
  82. NWPTRT026 Monitor and operate ozone processes
  83. NWPTRT027 Monitor and operate wastewater treatment processes
  84. NWPTRT028 Operate and control reclaimed water irrigation
  85. NWPTRT029 Monitor and operate pre-treatment processes
  86. NWPTRT030 Operate and control odour removal processes
  87. NWPTRT036 Operate and control activated sludge processes
  88. NWPTRT037 Operate and control nutrient removal processes
  89. NWPTRT038 Operate and control fixed film processes
  90. NWPTRT039 Operate and control solids handling processes
  91. NWPTRT040 Operate and control digestion processes
  92. NWPTRT046 Operate and control incineration processes
  93. NWPTRT047 Monitor, operate and control lagoon processes

Units having a text update only

  1. NWPGEN006 Implement and manage environmental management policies
  2. NWPHYD002 Apply principles of open channel hydraulics
  3. NWPHYD003 Develop and maintain ratings
  4. NWPHYD004 Plan water resource management
  5. NWPHYD005 Process and report hydrographic time series data


1 November 2019

Case for Endorsement submitted to AISC

The draft Training Package materials have been submitted to the AISC.

Thank you to all stakeholders who provided valuable feedback and contributed to this project.

30 September 2019

Final Draft Case for Endorsement

The draft Training Package materials have undergone independent edit and quality assurance.

To view the final draft Training Package materials, please click below.

The Case for Endorsement is scheduled to be submitted to the AISC in October 2019.

Thank you to all stakeholders who provided valuable feedback and contributed to this project.

10 July 2019

Draft Material

The TAC has finalised draft materials for this project and would like your feedback.

  • The TAC has removed specialisations in the Certificate II in Water Industry Operations and reviewed all associated units of competency
  • Several units have been retitled to more accurately represent the content of the units. The three existing Certificate III qualifications have been merged into one qualification with specialist groupings
  • One new unit has been developed
  • Competency fields for several specialisations have been changed to better reflect the content of the subject matter. For example, Irrigation has been changed to Irrigation Water Supply with the coding for the group changing from IRR to IWS

A draft document is included with the downloadable draft Units of Competency that contains a list of changes from the unit currently on training.gov.au and the new draft version. These changes will be finalised after public consultation and the TAC have signed off on the project.

Feedback on draft materials closed on Thursday, 25 July 2019.

16 April 2019


The TAC are pleased to provide draft qualifications and associated Units of Competency for review.

The draft products provide the skills and flexibility to meet current Water Industry occupational requirements and the future needs of the industry.

The following revisions have been made:

  • Certificate II in Water Industry Operations has been tailored to facilitate various water sector skills for entry level workers to meet the needs of industry and commence a pathway to higher level qualifications.
  • Certificate III in Water Industry Operations, Certificate III in Water Industry Treatment, and Certificate III in Water Industry Irrigation, have been merged into one qualification – the Certificate III in Water Industry Operations.

Feedback on draft materials closed on Monday, 6 May 2019.

7 March 2019

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for this project have met on multiple occasions since October 2018.

Draft qualifications and Units of Competency are well advanced and are anticipated to be available for stakeholder consultation by the end of April, 2019.

21 August 2018


The Water IRC is now forming a TAC for this project. Your industry expertise and insight is welcome to help review and develop qualifications and associated materials.
TAC nominations closed on Friday, 7 September 2018.

For more information about this project please contact the Industry Manager.

12 JANUARY 2018


A Case for Change is being developed by the Water Industry Reference Committee (IRC) to address the introduction of new technologies and the impact on existing job roles.

Due to the significant changes in technology within the Water industry, the IRC has recommended the review of three qualifications and 95 existing Units of Competency, and the development of 4-6 new Units of Competency.

The Water IRC is seeking public feedback on this proposed Training Package work.

Feedback on the Case for Change closed on Tuesday, 30 January 2018.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact the Industry Manager.

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