Development of scheduling qualification approved by AISC

Following a submission from the Transport and Logistics Industry Reference Committee (IRC), the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) has approved the development of a new qualification for Schedulers.

Industry consultation completed by the IRC in late 2016 identified the need to develop a qualification for Schedulers, a role which has grown in scale and business importance with the evolution of online retail, and growth in customer demands for transparency of delivery information across the supply chain.

As the demand for online shopping increases, so too does the demand for fast and convenient shipping and delivery.  Online shoppers are expecting to be offered flexible delivery or collection options that meet their budget and needs. These include same day, next day, after hours, weekends and other less time sensitive options.

Businesses are investing in a variety of new technologies to meet this demand with electronic data management systems and GPS technologies becoming commonplace in the industry, providing the ability to schedule deliveries to meet service guarantees, plan routes effectively to avoid traffic congestion, reduce fuel and labour costs, manage fatigue risks and maintain full visibility of the exact location of goods and vehicles at any time. As a result, the workforce needs to have the necessary skills to provide the service demanded by customers, and the productivity required by the business.

The role of a Scheduler has become critical to transport and logistics businesses to ensure they can meet the needs of customers in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner.  Gone are the days when a clipboard and a whiteboard were a Scheduler’s key tools of trade.  Freight profiles are changing, volumes are increasing, there are more deliveries to residential addresses with higher expectations surrounding delivery timeframes, and there is a greater demand for the use of real-time track-and-trace technology to provide faster access to more information for both businesses and consumers.

The IRC will oversee the project to develop the qualification and encourages all stakeholders who are interested in participating in this project, or who wish to receive progress updates to register here: