Energy Sector Industry Reference Committee Structures

As the Skills Service Organisation for the four Energy Sector Training Packages, AIS wishes to advise the Commonwealth is seeking feedback on the appropriateness of the proposed structure of each of the aligned Industry Reference Committees.

The Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) is reviewing Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) to ensure the structure and membership of each IRC provides the best possible industry coverage and expertise to support training package development for each industry sector.

The energy sector is fundamental to life as we know it, with Australians using energy every day for the running of homes, businesses, our economy and lives. The energy sector includes the generation of electricity, transmission and distribution of electricity, transmission and distribution of gas and the installation, servicing, repair and maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment for industrial, commercial and domestic purposes.

The Training Packages that cover the energy sector include:

UEE11 Electrotechnology
UEG11 Gas Industry
UEP12 Electricity Supply Industry – Generation Sector
UET12 Transmission, Distribution and Rail Sector

Given the strong linkages between the Energy Training Packages, the AISC has supported the IRCs being reviewed together. The AISC has also supported concurrent processes for public consultation around the structure of the committees and the call for nominations. Further information can be found on the AISC website.