Gas Training Package endorsed

The Australian Industry and Skills Committee has approved for implementation the Gas Industry Training Package, including a new Unit of Competency that addresses the industry’s need for skilling workers to conduct butt fusion of large diameter polyethylene (PE) systems.

The Gas Industry Reference Committee (IRC) worked with industry stakeholders to transition five qualifications (from Certificate II to IV, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma in Gas Supply Industry Operations) and 109 associated Units of Competency to the Standards for Training Packages 2012.

The transition involved the review of all units, the removal of obsolete pre-requisites and the separation of performance outcomes and assessment requirements.

Butt Fusion

The increased risk associated with the larger diameter pipelines required additional standards for installation. It was not practical to embed these additional requirements in existing competencies as most gas pipeline installers would not be exposed to larger pipelines and would therefore never achieve the critical on-the-job experience for skill development.

The new unit was developed by the IRC with support from subject matter specialists on the Butt Fusion Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). It will be used across Australia in both natural gas and LPG distribution, and the coal seam gas gathering system. Up to 900 workers will require training in this specialist unit.

Larger diameter gas mains are the backbone of the gas distribution system. The new Unit covers specific calculations, knowledge, and performance criteria that involve additional practical components to meet the more rigorous standards required for working   with larger diameter pipe.  The parameters for preparing, curing and welding are more complex and there are different WHS issues that arise when working with larger diameter pipework.

Chair of the Gas IRC, Lindsay Eisemann, said “the release of the transitioned Training Package and new Unit of Competency shows that the collaborative efforts of industry representatives and stakeholders, with the support of AIS, can deliver quality training products focused on elevating industry workforce development outcomes”.

The approved UEG Gas Industry Training Package Release 1.0 is now available on For more information about the UEG11 Gas Industry Training Package Transition Project