Industry Clusters are coming...

It’s an opportunity to truly innovate, to do things differently whilst building on the very best of what Australia’s national training system has to offer.


They’re called Industry Clusters. They’ll replace the current approach to engaging industry in the training system (Skills Organisation Pilots, Industry Reference Committees and Skills Service Organisations) and for the very first time, they’ll give industry a genuinely strong and legitimate role right across the skills pipeline.


What this means in practical terms is that industry won’t just have a strong voice to identify their skill needs, they’ll have an equally strong role in designing the solutions and working with industry, training providers, universities and schools to deliver high impact solutions that really work.


Our track record is about collaboration. Trusted relationships. Really knowing our stuff, and at the same time, having an insatiable appetite for piloting smarter ways of building the skills of the workforce.


Our submission covers Australia’s Logistics, Wholesale, Transport and Retail industries. Together, these sectors power the nation’s critical supply chains but the last 18 months have placed them under extreme pressure. It’s demonstrated the urgent need for a systematic and expert approach to building a strong and agile supply chain workforce, and that’s where our proposal for the Industry Cluster comes in.


If you’d like to come with us on the journey and join our list of passionate supporters, contact us at [email protected]