Industry Insights

Future editions of our newsletter will feature an informative chart or infographic on industry facts, trends and issues. They will provide insight to raise awareness and provoke thought within our industries about the transformations underway in the economy.

This month we provide, at a glance, an overview of AIS’s industry coverage: 11 Industry Reference Committees and 13 Training Packages. Collectively, these industries cover more than 1.3 million workers, or almost 10 per cent of the Australian workforce. They also add more than $174 billion to the Australian economy, accounting for about 11 per cent of GDP.

AIS’s Industry Coverage and Key Metrics

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics


Workforce: The number of individuals employed within the industry as measured by ABS.
Value Add: The industry’s contribution to the Australian GDP (measured in $AUD billions).
Growth: The anticipated percentage growth of the Workforce, over the next five years (to 2023).