International Skills Project Growth

AIS continues to work for the Department of Education and Training forging international partnerships in the development of skills standards through a number of projects involving industry and government representatives from Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Vietnam.  Together these projects focus on building supply chain capacity through the development of regional skill standards for selected transport and logistics, and port occupations.

AIS is now involved in developing a range of materials for the Commonwealth that support the use of the skills standards.  A working group of Australian RTOs with international delivery experience has been established to provide advice to this project.

In September 2016, AIS will run a technical workshop for the Department of Education and Training in Lima, which involves industry and government representatives from Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.  They will review the progress made by the earlier groups and determine whether the standards already developed have application in their region, and work with the approach to developing the skills standards for a new occupation.