Life Skills for a Digital Future – Podcast

New digital technologies, including information and communication technologies, artificial intelligence and robotics are reshaping the way people live, work and learn. The future of work is enhanced by machines and shaped by humans. It is therefore essential to ensure everyone has the right skills for a globalised digital future. There will be need for a mix of both technical and non-technical skills.

Kevin O’Leary (Data and Systems Analyst) & Dr Morteza Hajizadeh (Research Associate)

In the face of an uncertain future, businesses need to develop the skills of their workforce and foster an environment where learning and development is valued. While technical skills are important, soft skills will play an equally important role in defining an organisation’s success in the digital future.

Hear NCVER’s ‘Vocational Voices’ podcast featuring AIS’ Dr Morteza Hajizadeh (Research Associate) & Kevin O’Leary (Data and Systems Analyst) discussing Life skills for a digital future.