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Canberra, ACT – On behalf of eleven Industry Reference Committees (IRCs), Australian Industry Standards (AIS) has released a series of ‘Industry Outlooks’ that provide an overview of each IRC’s proposed response to the trends, challenges and opportunities that impact on workforce skills within their industry.


Each Industry Outlook has been developed under the leadership of the IRC.  They focus on the prioritisation of the skill needs of the industry sectors each IRC has responsibility for, following a stakeholder consultation and research process conducted by AIS on behalf of each IRC. The Industry Outlooks also look at the impact of COVID-19 while addressing the critical role that industries like the energy generation sector, transport and logistics, aviation, and gas sectors play in enabling a strong Australian economy moving forward.


Each Industry Outlook provides a glimpse of a continually evolving story for the sector that is intended to alert and inform a wide audience and enhance the industry’s capacity to act. It provides the IRC’s proposed response to industry trends to support workforce needs,” said Paul Walsh, AIS CEO.


With the advent of the double disruption of COVID-19 and accelerating digital transformation, there is an even greater need to have a workforce that is equipped with the right skills at the right time. The Australian economic recovery and our global competitiveness will be underpinned by a strong and responsive industry-led Vocational Education and Training (VET) system.


“The Industry Outlooks are key pieces of intelligence about industry skills needs. IRCs provide a direct link to industry, and they are well placed to listen to industry stakeholders about their workforce needs,” added Mr Walsh.


IRCs are the formal conduit for the industry in gathering information from the sector – including challenges, opportunities, trends, and skills requirements for training via the VET system. Each IRC comprises industry leaders and experts who work to ensure skills standards and qualifications are developed to meet the needs of industry, now and into the future. This work involves engaging with broader industry stakeholders to ensure that skills standards keep pace with changing industry needs, technology innovations and regulatory requirements. The IRC also ensures that qualifications are responsive and support the portability of skills.


The 2021 Industry Outlooks for the 11 sectors supported by AIS can be found here.


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