New Charter endorsed by Vietnam’s Logistics Industry Reference Council (LIRC) in Ho Chi Minh City

A milestone in AIS Global’s cooperation with Vietnam on a major logistics project was reached last month. At the 9th Logistics Industry Reference Council (LIRC) meeting in Ho Chi Minh City on 9 October, members unanimously endorsed a new Charter of Organisation and Operation for the Council.

Representatives from AIS Global and the Australian Embassy in Hanoi attended the LIRC meeting. Second Secretary Brendon Brooker addressed members at the opening of the meeting. He acknowledged the importance of the logistics sector to Vietnam’s economic growth and social development and recognised the role of the LIRC in an industry-led approach to establishing a VET framework in the logistics sector in Vietnam.

The new Charter recognises the maturing of the LIRC and sets out its operations in the Aus4Skills project funded through Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). That project established the LIRC as the consultative mechanism for industry and training providers in facilitating a skilled workforce in the logistics sector.

AIS Global is continuing to support the LIRC and its secretariat, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), through a range of Vietnam and Australian-based activities. This includes professional development workshops delivered in Vietnam and a range of other mentoring, coaching and technical assistance.

The 9th meeting also provided members, made up of industry, training colleges and government, with the opportunity to discuss the current challenges, opportunities and skill needs facing the logistics sector in Vietnam. This industry intelligence will inform the development of the strategic direction for the LIRC, training colleges and the Vietnamese government. AIS Global will draft a five-year ‘Roadmap’ in close consultation with the LIRC and other stakeholders. As a first step, AIS Global hosted a ‘Roadmap’ workshop the day after the LIRC meeting.

Following the 9th LIRC meeting, two VCCI members of the LIRC secretariat travelled to Australia. They have been participating in three weeks’ on-the-job training at the AIS head office in Melbourne. During their stay, they have received intensive technical assistance from AIS experts to support their secretariat role and to help them develop a communication strategy and an industry intelligence framework.

AIS Global will continue to support the LIRC, VCCI and training colleges throughout 2020 through a range of activities delivered in Vietnam and remotely. This will include members of Australia’s Transport and Logistics Industry Reference Committee (IRC) sharing experiences and lessons learnt with LIRC members and providing guidance and mentoring as the Council continues to grow and evolve.

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