New Training Package Development Projects

As a direct result of the 2019 Skills Forecasts & Proposed Schedule of Work submitted by the Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) AIS supports, the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) has approved the five projects listed below (in addition to the 24 projects approved in June) and commissioned Training Package development work to commence.

IRC Project Title and Description of Work

Aviation Industry Skills

Update the Certificate IV in Aviation (Aviation Supervision) and seven Units of Competency to meet updated regulatory requirements and new skills requirements arising from advances in aviation technology, including digital literacy, cyber security, data analysis and advanced communications.

Public Safety

Community Safety

Update four qualifications, four Skill Sets and 55 Units of Competency, associated with Community Safety to address changing industry skills requirements to community expectations during an operation response.

  • Certificate III in Public Safety (Community Safety)
  • Certificate IV in Public Safety (Community Safety)
  • Diploma of Public Safety (Community Safety)
  • Advanced Diploma of Public Safety (Community Safety).

Emergency Management

Update two qualifications and 26 Units of Competency, associated with emergency management to reflect new work practices such as community engagement activities the emergency management sector utilises to build community resilience.

  • Diploma in Public Safety (Emergency Management)
  • Advanced Diploma in Public Safety (Emergency Management).

Crash Investigation and Analysis  (Police Training Package)

Develop two new qualifications (Diploma of Crash Investigations and Advanced Diploma of Crash Analysis), one new Skill Set and eight new units related to road crash investigation and analysis, changing police practices relevant to performing forensic investigation processes at the scene, and post scene to analyse and interpret data gathered from forensics.

Transport and Logistics

Integrated Logistics Support

The Transport and Logistics IRC will lead a project to create up to five new competency units that address the support system constituent capabilities (SSCC) contained within Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) (reliability, availability, maintainability and safety (RAMS), maintenance engineering, supply support, technical publications and configuration management). The project will be undertaken in collaboration with, and significant input and support from, the Naval Shipbuilding IRC.

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