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Detection of illicit drugs and other contraband has always been one of the main concerns of prison operators. Passive Alert Detection Dogs (PADD) are often used along with human handlers to detect contraband, whereas general purpose dogs assist in controlling undesirable behaviour within the prison system. Specially trained dogs are used for either targeted searches of prison cells, or high-security prisoner escorts, and other security functions within the Security and Emergency Services Group.

The Corrections Industry Reference Committee (IRC) proposed this project to review seven Units of Competency and develop two new Skill Sets and one new Unit of Competency for the Certificate IV in Correctional Practice.  The project seeks to ensure that Corrections Officers are capable of effectively handling dogs within state and territory corrections jurisdictions, using skills that are contemporary with best dog handling practice and improving the safety and security of prisons where dogs are employed.

Project outcomes will ensure that a formal vocational pathway is available to correctional staff undertaking Dog Handling roles within correctional services settings, and provide skills transferability between correctional services jurisdictions, whilst increasing the overall Australian workforce capabilities through nationally accredited skilling outcomes.

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The Corrections IRC will have oversight of this project, which will be facilitated by Australian Industry Standards (AIS) in consultation with industry stakeholders. A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will be formed for this project.

Regular updates will be posted on this page throughout the life of the project.

If you have any questions about this project, or are a subject matter expert and would like to be considered for the TAC for this project, please contact the Industry Manager.

Greg Spence
Greg Spence
Industry Manager


Project Deliverables

This project will review seven existing Units of Competency:

  • CSCDOG001 Manage dogs for security purposes
  • CSCDOG002 Maintain the health and welfare of dogs
  • CSCDOG005 Train detector dogs
  • CSCDOG006 Train dogs for response and control
  • CSCDOG007 Train dogs in agility work
  • CSCDOG003 Prepare stimulus aids for use with dogs
  • CSCDOG004 Select dogs

One new Unit of Competency will be developed:

  • CSCDOG999X Assessing dog behaviour

Two new Skill Sets will be developed comprising existing units and one proposed new Unit of Competency:

  • CSCSS9997X Passive Alert Detector Dog Handler Skill Set
  • CSCSS9996X General purpose Dog Handler Skill Set

The Dog Handling specialisation group within the CSC40115 (CSC40119 after AISC endorsement)- Certificate IV in Correctional Practice will also be reviewed. Skill Sets will be incorporated within the specialisation electives for skill transferability purposes.

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