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30 March 2020


The Police focus group has finalised draft materials for the Police Crash Investigation and Analysis project and would like your feedback.

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Qualifications Units of Competency Mapping Attachments Document

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11 November 2019

Project Commencement

This project has commenced and will include the development of two new qualifications (Diploma of Crash Investigations and Advanced Diploma of Crash Analysis) and ten new Units of Competency relating to road crash investigation and analysis and changing police practices involving forensic investigation processes.

For more information about this project please contact the Industry Manager.



Police investigative processes and analysis of road crash incidents form a fundamental element that contributes significantly to the development of efficient and effective reports on accidents for the Coroner’s office and the courts.

Work on Crash Investigation and Analysis reflects the current and emerging use of technology. Crash Investigation and Analysis procedures involves producing forensic maps using software technologies (CAD) and analysing data sets based on investigative approaches to crash application of vehicles and physics of road accident calculations. Police members require upskilling in these disciplines as they are continuously adopting new technologies to enhance operational responses.

The Public Safety IRC proposed this project to develop two new qualifications (Diploma of Crash Investigations and Advanced Diploma of Crash Analysis) and ten new Units of Competency related to road crash investigation and analysis, changing police practices relevant to performing forensic investigation processes at the scene, and post scene to analyse and interpret data gathered from forensics.

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The Public Safety Industry Reference Committee (IRC) will have oversight of this project, which will be facilitated by Australian Industry Standards (AIS) in consultation with industry stakeholders.

The IRC will undertake consultations through the Australian New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency (ANZPAA) and within state and territory police jurisdictions throughout the project’s duration.

Regular updates will be posted on this page throughout the life of the project.

If you have any questions about this project please contact the Industry Manager.

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Katherine White
Industry Manager
Email katherine.white@australianindustrystandards.org.au 
Project Deliverables

Develop two new qualifications:

  • POL59999X Diploma of Crash Investigation
  • POL69999X Advanced Diploma of Crash Analysis

Develop 10 new Units of Competency:

  • POLINV992X Collate and review crash investigation evidence
  • POLINV993X Critically analyse complex crash incident evidence
  • POLINV994X Examine the crash incident
  • POLINV995X Analyse complex factors involved in crash incidents
  • POLINV996X Manage quality of crash analysis
  • POLINV997X Analyse crashes involving heavy vehicles
  • POLINV998X Analyse crashes involving motorcycles
  • POLINV999X Analyse crashes involving pedestrians and bicycles
  • POLINVXXXX Present evidence on complex crash incidents
  • POLINVXXXX Develop and report crash findings

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