Supply Chain Skills Cross Sector Project


Automation, robotics and big data are just some of the dynamic forces reshaping Australia’s supply chains and the skills profile of those that work within its various sectors.

Industry stakeholders have made it clear that much needs to be done to ensure Australia’s workforce have the necessary skills to apply the latest technologies in supply chain operations, monitoring, maintenance, safety systems and communications.

In 2017, the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) requested that the Transport and Logistics IRC (TLIRC) lead a scoping project to identify the cross sector supply chain skill needs of industry. The resulting ‘Case for Change’ recommended:

  • Development of 10 new Skills Sets and 13 new Units of Competency
  • Review of nine (9) existing Units of Competency
  • Rationalisation of 15 existing Units of Competency
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The AISC has now requested that the Transport and Logistics IRC undertake the recommended development work supported by Australian Industry Standards (AIS) which will lead the technical drafting and consultation with industry and key stakeholders.

The project will run from July 2018 – June 2019 and be oversighted by a reference committee comprising representatives from a range of industries directly impacted by the changing skill requirements of supply chains. As a cross sector project, it is anticipated that the new Units of Competency will be adopted by a wide range of Training Packages.

How to be involved:

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3.Subject Matter Expert – Expression of Interest

You can also register your interest in becoming a subject matter expert on the project in the following areas: digital supply chains (including blockchain), traceability and ethical practices, value chain analysis, mass customisation, 3PL, international supply chains, stock control and inventory. If you would like to register your interest in becoming a subject matter expert and able to volunteer your time, please send us an email outlining your expertise and field/s of specialisation to

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