TLI Supply Chain Operations - Certificates I and IV

Project scope

Technology advancements in the Transport and Logistics industry and the need for flexible career pathways are the key drivers of this review.

Few warehouses today are simply storage spaces, but instead host multiple value-adding processes, such as just-in-time packaging, assembly, product customisation, and in some cases, customer collection services. Many warehouse operations are currently being disrupted by the development of advanced robotic systems, the most basic of which use digital add-on systems to transform forklifts and other types of material handling equipment (MHE) assets into robots.

Technological advancements in Automated Picking Tools, Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs), Automated Inventory Control Platforms and integrated Warehouse Management Systems require operators to have the new skills and knowledge to operate the incorporated technologies. For customers it is now possible to track shipments in real-time (and with greater precision) during transportation. These technologies provide better visibility, facilitate improved communication between the distribution centres (warehouses) and logistics operators by allowing stakeholders in the distribution chain to access the current location of orders at any given time.

This project will review and amalgamate the Certificate I in Logistics and the Certificate I in Warehousing Operations. Also, review and amalgamate the three Certificate IV in Logistics and Warehousing qualifications, and the associated Units of Competency. Single industry qualifications at Certificate I and IV levels will address current and future skills needs of entry-level workers and team leaders/supervisors in logistic and warehousing roles, considering task automation, and emerging technologies.


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The Transport and Logistics IRC will have oversight of this project, which will be facilitated by Australian Industry Standards (AIS) in consultation with industry stakeholders. A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will be formed to provide subject matter expertise for the development of Training Package materials.

The IRC will undertake broad consultations with Transport & Logistics industry stakeholders throughout the project’s duration. Additional consultation and engagement will be undertaken on the IRCs behalf with State Training Authorities and other key industry stakeholders, including seeking public feedback and input into development of material.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact the Industry Manager.


The proposal is to:

Combine two Certificate I qualifications

  • TLI11315 Certificate I in Logistics
  • TLI11215 Certificate I in Warehousing Operations

Combine four Certificate IV qualifications

  • TLI42016 Certificate IV in Logistics
  • TLI41515 Certificate IV in Materiel Logistics
  • TLI41816 Certificate IV in Warehousing Operations
  • TLI40118 Certificate IV in Transport Scheduling

Update 71 units
Update six Skill Sets


The Case for Endorsement is expected to be submitted to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee by 30 June 2021.

How to get involved

A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will be formed to provide expertise for this work. If you have any questions about this project or are a subject matter expert and would like to be considered for the TAC for this project, please contact the Industry Manager.

Stakeholder feedback on draft training materials will be sought as part of the development phase of work.

Technical advisory committee




The Transport and Logistics Industry Reference Committee (IRC) has established a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for this project.


Comprising 11 subject matter experts from Industry, Employer Associations, Unions, Defence, and RTOs, the TAC has been tasked with:


  • Providing specialist industry subject-matter knowledge regarding Supply Chain Operations to the review and development of Units of Competency, qualifications and Skill Sets
  • Validating the technical content of the Training Package products
  • Identifying relevant qualitative and quantitative data sources to inform the development of draft materials
  • Reviewing feedback from stakeholders through public consultations
  • Assisting in identifying and engaging broader industry networks to participate in consultation and/or validation activities during the duration of the project
  • Offering advice and guidance to assist in informing the direction of the project throughout its duration.
  • Making recommendations on the developed Training Package materials to the relevant IRC, which has the final decision-making authority


The TAC held its first meeting on Tuesday, 27 October 2020.





Work on this project has commenced and the Transport and Logistics IRC is forming a TAC.


Your industry expertise and insight is welcome to help review and combine:

  • Certificate I in Logistics, and
  • Certificate I in Warehousing Operations.


and to help revise and combine:

  • Certificate IV in Logistics,
  • Certificate IV in Material Logistics, and
  • Certificate IV in Warehousing Operations,
  • and the addition of the Certificate IV in Transport Scheduling as a stream.


It is important we attract members with specialisation in materiel logistics and transport scheduling as well as the more common roles of logistics and warehousing.


TAC nominations closed on Wednesday, 30 September 2020.


For more information about this project please contact the Industry Manager.


Ron Horne

Industry Skills Manager - Rail & Transport and Logistics





Phone: 03 9604 7232

Mobile: 0448 166 536