UEE Electrotechnology Training Package Review - Handling of A2 Refrigerants

Project scope

A2 category refrigerants are flammable and pose significant threat to life and business operations if they are not handled and recovered by suitably qualified technicians.

To meet the need for skilled technicians, the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) has commissioned a project to develop two new Units of Competency in the UEE Electrotechnology Training Package. The project aims to ensure safe handling and recovery of A2 category refrigerants.





Develop one new Unit of Competency: Recover refrigerant from stationary self-contained end of life decommissioned equipment

Review and update three existing Units of Competency to incorporate Handling of A2 refrigerants.



The Case for Endorsement is expected to be submitted to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee by 31 July 2020.


How to get involved

A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will be formed to provide expertise for this work. If you are a subject matter expert and would like to be considered for the TAC please contact the Industry Manager.


Stakeholder feedback on draft training materials will be sought as part of the development phase of work.


Technical advisory committee


Technical Advisory Committees (TACs) have been formed to undertake the review of qualifications and Units of Competency related to the industry sector.



5 MARCH 2019


The Electrotechnology IRC has agreed to amend the scope of this Training Package Development work to the following:


Develop one new Unit of Competency: Recover refrigerant from stationary self-contained end of life decommissioned equipment


Review and update three existing Units of Competency to incorporate Handling of A2 refrigerants:

  • UEENEEJ174X Apply safety awareness and legal requirements for flammable refrigerant
  • UEENEEJ175X Service and repair self contained flammable refrigerants air conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • UEENEEJ176X Install and commission flammable refrigerant refrigeration and air conditioning systems, components and associated equipment


Summary of development


Draft units, skill sets and/or qualifications are developed in consultation with Subject Matter Experts and industry stakeholders.


Initial drafting of Training Package material (Units of Competency, Skill Sets and/or qualifications) is being undertaken by a Technical Advisory Committee established by the IRC. Comprising people with diverse expertise and experience in Electrotechnology, it has ensured that the draft Units are informed by the needs of industry.



24 FEBRUARY 2020


The Electrotechnology Industry Reference Committee has finalised HANDLING OF A2 REFRIGERANTS development work. It has directed the work be included in the Electrotechnology Training Package (Release 2.0) draft materials for the Electrotechnology Training Package Review project.


Summary of feedback


  • Technical feedback on the Handling of refrigerants new unit
  • Feedback on technical components of revised units


This is the same as the refrigeration and air conditioning as these were done together


Changes to this training package can be found here.





6 OCTOBER 2020


The Electrotechnology Training Package (Release 2.0) has been endorsed for implementation.


The approved UEE Electrotechnology Training Package Release 2.0 is now available on training.gov.au.


This release of the Training Package incorporates the below projects:

  • Electrical
  • Electrical Engineering and Industrial Control
  • Electronics and Computers
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Handling of A2 Refrigerants


This release includes:

  • 79 Qualifications
  • 50 Skill Sets
  • 530 Units of Competency




18 AUGUST 2020


The AISC has approved the Electrotechnology Training Package (Release 2.0) for referral to the Skills Ministers for endorsement at the 12 August 2020 meeting.




22 JULY 2020



The draft Training Package materials have been submitted to the AISC.




Thank you to all stakeholders who provided valuable feedback and contributed to this project.


Paul Humphreys

Industry Skills Specialist - Electrotechnology


Email: Paul.Humphreys@aistnds.org.au

Phone: 0429 670 588