UEG Gas Control Systems

Project Update

28 October 2019


Work on this project has commenced and the Gas IRC is forming a TAC.

Your industry expertise and insight is welcome to help review and develop Training Package materials to:

  • Develop one new AQF 4/5 qualification aligned to the Gas Controller role
  • Develop up to five new Units of Competency
  • Review and develop five existing Units of Competency

To register your interest in becoming a TAC member, please provide your details via the form below, by close of business Friday, 6 December 2019.

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For more information about this project please contact the Industry Manager.


Gas control systems are operated and managed to ensure the safe supply of gas to support domestic and industrial use, whilst adhering to stringent environmental and regulatory controls. Emerging technology advancements in gas control systems has led to a change in the skills requirements of gas controllers. Advanced gas control systems will be operated and managed by individuals and teams capable of complex gas control systems analysis, emergency response management, and gas control system optimisation through normal and emergency operating conditions.

The Gas Industry Reference Committee (IRC) proposed to develop a Diploma or Advanced Diploma that addresses the skills and knowledge requirements of Gas Controllers. This project will review and update five existing Units of Competency, and develop up to five new Units of Competency to address the skills and knowledge required to operate effectively in gas supply and distribution installations. The project will also consider the use of imported Units of Competency to ensure broad skills transferability within allied energy sector roles and occupations.

The expected submission of the Case for Endorsement will be submitted to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) by 31 July 2020.


The Gas IRC will have oversight of this project which will be facilitated by Australian Industry Standards (AIS) in consultation with industry stakeholders. A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will be formed for this project.

Regular project updates will be posted on this page throughout the life of the project.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact Industry Manager Jason Lazar.

Jason Lazar
Industry Manager
Email jason.lazar@australianindustrystandards.org.au

Project Deliverables

Develop one new qualification:

  • AQF4/5 qualification aligned to the Gas Controller role

Develop five new Units of Competency

Review five existing Units of Competency

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