UEG Gas Supply Industry Skills

Project Scope


The project involves the revision of five qualifications and 69 Units of Competency in the UEG Training Package to address current industry practices, new technologies and regulations.   


With the introduction of new technologies and work practices, job roles are adapting to new work functions, allowing cross skilling between roles and increasing workforce mobility. The traditional pipeline technician or operation roles are now blending with gas processing or storage roles, which will need to be reflected in the qualifications. Traditional operation and supervisory roles will also re-quire added skills around the use of automation and digital technology.  In addition, the National Hydrogen Strategy also calls for the increasing introduction of Hydrogen into the domestic gas market and the development of hydrogen as an export market. 


The project aims to update the relevant occupational skills standards contained in this Training Package to align with current industry practice, workforce development, the integration of new technology and the introduction of hydrogen to existing gas networks. This will impact the gas supply industry’s alignment with the National Hydrogen Strategy and its ability to support the achievement of energy security in Australia 




The Gas Industry Reference Committee (IRC) will have oversight of this project, which will be facilitated by Australian Industry Standards (AIS) in consultation with industry stakeholders. A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will be formed for this project. 


If you have any questions about this project or are a subject matter expert and would like to be considered for the TAC for this project, please contact the Industry Skills Specialist. 


Project Deliverables


The full list of products included in this project:



  • UEG20120Y Certificate II in Gas Supply Industry Operations  
  • UEG30120Y Certificate III in Gas Supply Industry Operations  
  • UEG40220Y Certificate IV in Gas Supply Industry Operations  
  • UEG50120Y Diploma of Gas Supply Industry Operations  
  • UEG40120Y Certificate IV in Gas Control Operations  


Units of Competency

  • UEGNSG330Y Coat metallic pipelines  
  • UEGNSG331Y Establish right of way access for transmission pipeline construction  
  • UEGNSG342Y Maintain pipeline easements  
  • UEGNSG305Y Coordinate gas transmission pipeline repairs and modifications  
  • UEGNSG310Y Supervise and monitor contract work  
  • UEGNSG314Y Liaise with third party and the community to maintain pipeline integrity and community safety  
  • UEGNSG346Y Launch and recover PIGs in gas transmission pipelines  
  • UEGNSG347Y Perform routine maintenance on transmission pipeline facilities and equipment  
  • UEGNSG348Y Supervise the operation of plant and equipment for the construction of gas transmission pipelines  
  • UEGNSG349Y Carry out surveillance of gas transmission pipelines  
  • UEGNSG350Y First response to a gas facility event  
  • UEGNSG352Y Check and report on gas station conditions  
  • UEGNSG353Y Carry out aerial surveillance of gas transmission pipelines  
  • UEGNSG354Y Control excavations in the vicinity of gas transmission pipelines  
  • UEGNSG355Y Monitor and report on cathodic protection systems  
  • UEGNSG004Y Locate, prove and protect utility assets  
  • UEGNSG005Y Prepare to work in the gas industry  
  • UEGNSG006Y Use a portable gas detector to locate escape  
  • UEGNSG106Y Coordinate repair of pipeline, facilities and equipment  
  • UEGNSG108Y Operate and monitor pipeline control systems  
  • UEGNSG109Y Control field pipeline operations  
  • UEGNSG110Y Supervise technical operations for gas distribution or transmission  
  • UEGNSG131Y Compile a gas industry technical report  
  • UEGNSG132Y Carry out basic work activities in a gas industry work environment  
  • UEGNSG133Y Comply with environmental policies and procedures in the utilities industry  
  • UEGNSG134Y Establish a utilities infrastructure work site  
  • UEGNSG135Y Monitor and control gas odourisation  
  • UEGNSG137Y Operate and maintain gas station water bath heaters  
  • UEGNSG138Y Install and commission stationary gas fuelled turbine engines  
  • UEGNSG140Y Apply environmental policies and procedures in the utilities industry  
  • UEGNSG139Y Repair and maintain stationary gas fuelled turbine engines  
  • UEGNSG141Y Apply workplace health and safety regulations, codes and practices in the gas supply industry  
  • UEGNSG142Y Conduct isolations under the permit to work system for gas industry work sites  
  • UEGNSG506Y Respond to gas infrastructure emergencies  
  • UEGNSG615Y Fill LPG cylinders  
  • UEGNSG616Y Refurbish gas cylinders  
  • UEGNSG614Y Load, unload, exchange and connect LPG cylinders  
  • UEGNSG617Y Monitor and control the transfer of bulk LPG  
  • UEGNSG618Y Process liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)  
  • UEGNSG619Y Perform scheduled maintenance on gas processing or storage facilities and equipment  
  • UEGNSG620Y Organise the repair of faults in LPG processing or storage facilities and equipment  
  • UEGNSG621Y Control bulk storage of LPG  
  • UEGNSG622Y Assess the operational capability of gas safety equipment on a delivery vehicle  
  • UEGNSG200Y Conduct butt fusion of large diameter polyethylene gas pipeline systems  
  • UEGNSG219Y Conduct excavations in the utilities industry  
  • UEGNSG221Y First on site response to gas pipeline emergencies  
  • UEGNSG226Y Assist with the construction, laying and connection of gas distribution services to mains  
  • UEGNSG227Y Assist with the construction and laying of gas distribution mains  
  • UEGNSG210Y Supervise and monitor contract staff for work on distribution pipelines  
  • UEGNSG212Y Construct, lay and connect a gas distribution service to a plastic main  
  • UEGNSG213Y Construct, lay and connect a gas distribution service to a steel main  
  • UEGNSG217Y Launch and recover PIGs in a gas distribution pipeline  
  • UEGNSG218Y Carry out surveillance on gas distribution assets  
  • UEGNSG222Y Construct and lay nylon or PVC gas distribution mains  
  • UEGNSG225Y Perform routine maintenance on distribution pipeline facilities and equipment
  • UEGNSG229Y Prepare simple drawings of as laid gas mains and services  
  • UEGNSG411Y Maintain cathodic protection systems  
  • UEGNSG412Y Install cathodic protection systems  
  • UEGNSG706Y Test new residential and small commercial gas installations  
  • UEGNSG708Y Pressure test residential and small commercial gas installations  
  • UEGNSG713Y Investigate billing exceptions-conditions  
  • UEGNSG714Y Relight Type A gas appliances  
  • UEGNSG804Y Maintain single stage and single run gas flow and pressure control and measuring devices  
  • UEGNSG805Y Maintain multi-stage and multi-run gas flow and pressure measuring and regulating devices  
  • UEGNSG806Y Maintain SCADA controlled flow and pressure equipment and electronic gas measurement equipment
  • UEGNSG807Y Install gas flow, measuring and pressure regulating devices  
  • UEGNSG811Y Monitor and operate complex flow control, measuring and regulating devices for gas distribution  
  • UEGNSG201Y* Conduct distribution pipeline emergency repair  
  • UEGNSG356Y* Monitor and operate flow control, pressure measuring and regulating devices for gas transmission  
  • UEGNSG113Y Manage a utilities industry WHS management system  
  • UEGNSG120Y Manage gas system environmental compliance  

Technical Advisory Committee

31 JANUARY 2022



The Gas Industry Reference Committee has established a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for this project.


Comprising 16 subject matter experts from Industry, RTOs, regulators, Peak Bodies, the TAC has been tasked with:

  • Providing specialist industry subject-matter knowledge to review 69 Units of Competency within the Gas Industry Training Package, including the incorporation of hydrogen knowledge requirements. The project also includes the review of 5 qualifications and the removal of weighting points to bring them in line with training package policy.
  • Validating the technical content of the Training Package products
  • Identifying relevant qualitative and quantitative data sources to inform the development of draft materials
  • Reviewing feedback from stakeholders through public consultations
  • Assisting in identifying and engaging broader industry networks to participate in consultation and/or validation activities during the duration of the project
  • Offering advice and guidance to assist in informing the direction of the project throughout its duration
  • Making recommendations on the developed Training Package materials to the relevant IRC, which has the final decision-making authority.


The TAC  held its first meeting on 16th December 2021




Work on this project has commenced and the Gas IRC is forming a TAC.  


Your industry expertise and insight is welcome to help review and develop Training Package materials to: 


This project involves the revision of five qualifications and 69 Units of Competency in the UEG Training Package to address current industry practices, new technologies and regulations.   


To register your interest in becoming a TAC member, please provide your details via the form below, by close of business Thursday 18 November, 2021 


Registrations closed 18 November 2021.


31 MARCH 2022



On behalf of the Gas Industry Reference Committee, the TAC has drafted materials for this project and is requesting stakeholder feedback.


The draft materials follow the review of five qualifications and 69 Units of Competency aimed at streamlining and modernising the Gas Supply Training Package to increase its relevance and useability. Relevant occupational skills standards contained in this Training Package have been aligned with current industry practice and workforce development requirements.


In line with the approved scope of the project, weighting points have been removed to align with Training Package policy and relevant knowledge and performance criteria has been included to address the introduction of hydrogen to existing gas networks in line with the National Hydrogen Strategy. One new Industrial Gas unit has been created.


To achieve these objectives, the revised materials include the following:

  • Merging of Certificate IV in Gas Control Operations into Certificate IV in Gas Supply Industry Operations
  • Units of competency in all qualifications have been categorised in 3 groups: Core Units, Gas Electives units and Imported Electives
  • The majority of units undertaken in any qualification are to be Gas (UEG) units
  • Units of competency included in each qualification are consistent with the skill level of that qualification
  • Where possible, merging of units of competency with common knowledge and performance requirements and the deletion of duplicative or redundant units of competency.
  • Definition of gas has been better defined to incorporate all gases that may be encountered in a particular class of gases (eg reference to LPG is replaced with the term industrial gas, which includes but is not limited to propane, butane, propylene, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, argon, hydrogen, helium and acetylene)
  • Where applicable, knowledge evidence relating to the characteristics and properties of all gases that may be encountered in an applicable gas class (eg combustible / industrial gas) have been updated to address not only Hydrogen awareness but increased awareness of differences between all gases being used; and
  • The standardisation of terminology and language across all Units of Competency reviewed.


Feedback closed Tuesday, 3 May 2022.


Feedback will be collated and discussed at the next TAC meeting.


Shaun Thomas

Industry Skills Specialist - ESI Generation, Gas Supply




Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0409 505 196