Streamlined Training Package development in the pipeline

The AISC has recently commissioned Training Package development and review projects submitted on behalf of the Transport and Logistics IRC and the Aviation IRC.

A new Schedulers qualification is being developed to meet the needs of the Transport and Logistics and Rail industries, and will also have broader application across supply chains including the Aviation and Maritime sectors. Developing a qualification that meets the needs of industry across a range of sectors will provide employment pathways for workers who will have transferable skills, while addressing industry’s identified skills need. This will enable one qualification to provide the required skills and knowledge for multiple transport scheduling operations.

The review of the Transport Security Screener qualifications in the Aviation Training Package also presents an opportunity for skills development across other passenger transport sectors, initially in preparation for proposed changes to regulations covering Aviation and Maritime.

Common skill needs will be addressed through the development of fit for purpose units of competency that are supported by the range of industry sectors involved. The specific required skills of each sector will be addressed through flexible qualification packaging arrangements, and units will be developed by subject matter experts from industry.

These two projects are clear examples of the types of opportunities that are being identified through collaboration across IRCs and the industries they represent. Where applicable, the development of broader based qualifications will enable worker mobility and create career pathways within industries that have definitive links and common skill requirements.

This streamlined approach to Training Package development will provide efficiency benefits to industry, students, training providers, and the overall Australian economy.

Updates on these projects are available on AIS’s website.