Supply Chain Skills – Project Update & Industry Roundtable

Changes in technology and the skill needs of the workforce are anticipated to be significantly disruptive to the supply chain. To ensure Australia’s supply chains remain productive, efficient, and skilled, the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) has commissioned Australian Industry Standards (AIS) to lead the Supply Chain Skills Cross Sector project.

Members of the Project Reference Group (PRG), consisting of subject matter experts from across the Industry Reference Committee (IRC) network, met for the first time recently. The PRG’s role is to oversee the review of supply chain related Training Package components, and act as a conduit to the IRCs responsible for their development.

At their first meeting, the PRG identified key themes for further investigation, including promoting awareness of existing Training Package components that are already suitable for use on a cross-sectoral basis. Discussions also addressed the need to formalise supply chain skills into technical or hierarchical categories, and a focus on identification of skills to prepare trainees to be equipped for the workplace. The group also highlighted the role of automation and technology in the supply chain.

Supply chains encompass a wide-range of tasks and skills, and incorporate all aspects of planning and management solutions; from procurement, development and production, to all logistical activities associated with delivering goods and services.

The primary findings from the project discussion paper developed by AIS revealed over 800 Units of Competency in the National Training system have content that relates to supply chain skills. A large portion of these units are already used on a cross-sectoral basis through their inclusion in qualifications beyond the original Training Package, which provides an indication of the importance and interconnectivity of supply chain skills in the VET framework.

A scan of IRC Skills Forecasts (for industries identified as priorities for the project) found a number of recurring themes including traceability, digitalisation/automation, international supply chains, and supply chain diversification. It was also found that over one third of these Skills Forecasts identified “review/develop Training Package material (supply chain skills related)” in their Proposed Schedules of Work.

The PRG is seeking stakeholder input into this important project and will host a Supply Chain Skills Industry Roundtable in Melbourne on the 27th September 2017 from 10.00am – 12.00pm.  The Industry Roundtable will be live webcast to enable all interested stakeholders to participate and hear the latest supply chain trends from the keynote speaker.

The keynote speaker for the event is Simon Rowe, Associate Director, Digital Supply Chain Enablement at KPMG. Simon is also an adjunct Lecturer at Macquarie Graduate School of Management.  He is an End to End supply chain specialist (strategy and operations) who brings multi sector experience including healthcare and life sciences, medical devices, defence, human services, fast moving consumer goods, technology, agriculture, retail, utilities, oil and gas and service parts.

Following the keynote address the Industry Roundtable will consider priorities for cross sector approaches to the development of supply chain skills. You can register to attend this event by contacting

The PRG values the feedback and advice that can be offered by all stakeholders associated with the supply chain. To keep up-to-date with the latest news and project updates, register your interest here. An updated project page can also be found here.